By karmacigar - 4 months ago

CIGAR 101: How to light a Cigar? It is very important for you to know that how to light a cigar.


  1. Use a quality butane torch or cigar lighter.
  2. Hold cigar at a 45-degree angle about 3 inches above the flame.
  3. Toast the Foot: Focus on the outside edge of the cigar and rotate it until the foot begins to ignite. Make sure the burn is even. The outside wrapper will develop a white/ashen quality when properly toasted.
  4. Light the Filler: Put the cigar between your lips, holding the flame about a half inch from the cigar. Rotate the cigar in your mouth as you draw in air. Do not inhale. 
  5. Release the Draw: Stop drawing on the cigar and watch as a surge of flame shoots up from the foot. 
  6. Release the smoke from your mouth.
  7. Enjoy your cigar! 

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