Selena (Sells) is our bartender/sales associate.  She’s recently added to the team having worked at Karma for just a month and hails from Las Vegas where she worked in bottle service and as a bartender for a sports bar for 3 years.  She enjoys working at Karma because of the chill vibe and laid-back environment.   Her favorite beer is 3 Floyds Gumball Head, her favorite wine is Stella Black and her favorite liquor is Clase Azul.  Sells is a White Sox fan and she enjoys going out with friends to downtown Chicago, working out at the gym, site seeing and eating Lou Malnati’s pizza. A fun fact about Sells is that she likes street racing (not as the driver but as a passenger!).

Selena Amador


Christina is our bartender/sales associate from Chicago.  She has been a bartender for over 6 years and an experienced hairstylist.  Her career has been around customer service and enjoys designing drinks to meet their expectations.  Christina’s favorite drink is tequila and the food of her choice is sushi and cheeseburgers.  Her hobbies include concerts (rock and metal) and traveling.  She is also a former pro-female wrestler.



Harold was born and raised in East Chicago, IN with Mexican heritage. Harold is attending Purdue Northwest majoring in Fitness Management. Although he does not smoke cigars on a regular basis, his desire is to smoke an Opus X by Arturo Fuente. He enjoys working out and attending various festivals. His beer of choice is Victoria and also enjoys a nice glass of Merlot. Harold’s favorite drink is anything with Tequila. Enjoys working at Karma Cigar Bar because of the ambiance and the diverse customers that visit Karma. In high school, Harold had 8 teeth removed.

Harold Lozano


Lexi is our bartender/sales associate.  She’s worked at Karma for over 1.5 years. and enjoys it because she loves all the people she meets as well as the whole vibe at Karma. Her hobbies include going to concerts and hanging out with her dog, Cass. A fun fact about Lexi is that she has 14 tattoos.