Alaina Hochstetler

Alaina is our bartender/sales associate.  She’s recently added to the team having worked at Karma for just a month and enjoys it because Karma is a great place with awesome people who are always fun, and has had some great conversations with a lot of them! Alaina has worked in the bar atmosphere for over  10+ years and prides herself on being quick and efficient behind the bar always trying to make sure that her customers have an amazing experience. Her hobbies include motorcycles, kayaking, cooking, boating. A fun fact about Lexi is that she has ridden motorcycles for over 17 years!


Lexi Sopher

Lexi is our bartender/sales associate.  She’s worked at Karma for over 1.5 years. and enjoys it because she loves all the people she meets as well as the whole vibe at Karma. Her hobbies include going to concerts and hanging out with her dog, Cass. A fun fact about Lexi is that she has 14 tattoos.


Rachel Uylaki

Rachel is our bartender/sales associate.  She just started at Karma and enjoys it because of the people as everyone that comes in the lounge is very nice.  Her favorite drink is an Expresso Martini and her favorite cigar is any vanilla-flavored cigar.  Her hobbies include cooking for her family and taking walks when the sun is out!  A fun fact about Rachel is she’s always looking for a reason to celebrate all day and all night!

Rachel Uylaki