Instore Rewards & Loyalty


Rewards Programs:

Here at Karma we strive to give the best customer service possible. We understand that it is you who make our business possible. Karma was founded by cigar lovers for cigar lovers. That is why we offer a wide array of rewards,loyalty programs and discounts. These programs include free cigars, percentage off, in store credit plus much more. You can use many of these discounts together for even bigger savings. We hope you come in and take advantage of these great deals.

POS Rewards:

Every time you come to Karma we track your purchases and for every $350 you spend we give you a $25 credit that can go towards your next purchase.  We use the information you provide us to inform you about upcoming events and send out other discounts. Had a cigar here at Karma but can’t remember what it was? No worries, we can look up your previous purchases and let you know what it was or help pick out your new favorite cigar.

Cigar Dojo loyalty rewards program:

We teamed up with Cigar Dojo to bring even more options to collect points and receive rewards. This rewards program is simple. All you have to do in down load the Cigar Dojo app, then every time you come into karma check into Karma via the App. You will than start collecting points for every purchase. The point scale is as follows:

  • 10 points for checking in
  • 1 point for every dollar spent
  • 10 points for sharing on your Facebook
  • 10 Points for Sharing on your Twitter
  • 5 Points for attaching a photo

After collecting so many points, you can cash them in for different rewards. For example 400 points gets you 10% off your purchase, 800 points gets you 3 free cigars and 1200 points gets you 25% of your purchase.

So, be sure to stop in and take advantage of all of our reward programs so you can redeem your rewards. All of our reward programs are only good in house, online sales are not applicable for our rewards programs.

Box Discounts:
Karma was founded by cigar lovers for cigar lovers, because of this we offer a 10% discount on all box purchases.

Event Deals:
We strive to bring you the best beer, wine and cigar events, and each event comes with different manufacturer discounts. So, be sure to keep checking out our event tab to stay up to date on our events and to know what the deals of the night are.